Monday, August 23, 2010

Diamond Health Water

Easier Absorption, Healthier Body

The most effective way detoxification is drinking more water, especially good quality water. Good quality water penetrates deep into the body cells more easily transfers nutrients to the body more speedily and eliminates waste from our system more efficiently, thus making us healthier.
3 Main Benefits
Drinking more good quality water is the most effective way to detoxification because:
1. It's clean, safe and contains no harmful substances.
2. It has a high oxygen content and contains minerals that are beneficial to the human body.
3. It has smaller water molecule clusters for easier absorption.

Better Water For Better Health
Purest, Cleanest Water that Can be Consumed Directly!
As tested and proven by renowned laboratories, Diamond Health Water System eliminates over than 99% of heavy metals, chlorine and bacteria. Therefore, Diamond Health Water is safer than ordinary tap water, So now you can save time and drink good, clean water directly without boiling!
20% More Oxygen to Keep Your Face Radiant and Your Skin Beautiful!
Diamond Health Water contains 20% more of oxygen than ordinary tap water. It penetrates deep into your skin and moisturises it from within to enhance your radiance!
Removes Over 99% of Pesticides for Enhanced Safety and Freshness!
Soak vegetables and fruits in Diamond Health Water for 30 minutes to effectively remove over 99% of pesticides and keep your vegetables and fruits fresh for a longer period of time!
Diamond Energy Water System (A Japanese Technological Breakthrough)
It has taken scientists and doctors in Japan 30 years of research to discover the true nature of health water, and thus one key to optimal health, They have successfully developed Energy Conversion technology, which effectively breaks water molecule clusters into smaller clusters, making it easier for our bodies to absorb them. This form of drinking water has a wide appeal in Japan. Its health benefits have attracted much attention.
Diamond Health Water System adopts cutting-edge Energy Conversion technology to effectively break down water molecule clusters, thus transforming ordinary water into Health Water that's rich in oxygen, contains essential minerals, and is easier for our bodies to absorb. Health Water is the answer to our fundamental health needs.
Diamond Energy Water System has a patented 6 filter design. Each filter has a designated function.
Tried & Tested By The World's Best
Diamond Energy Water System has undergone stringent testing at various world-renowned laboratories and research institutes. The results are astounding.
Test Conclusions
Contamination Removal
Used to treat water with contamination at least 100 times above normal levels, Diamond Health Water system removed over 99% of heavy metals and chlorine while thoroughly eliminating harmful Ecoli bacteria. It also readjusted the highly acidic nature of the water to a mild alkaline balance more suited to the human body, The filtration efficiency has yet to be matched by other water systems.
Radioactive Substance Removal
Tap water with radioactive contaminants exceeding 36 times the safety level was filtered through the system. Over 98% of contaminants were removed, surpassing the most stringent international guidelines.
Pesticide Removal
Over 99% of chemical residue was removed from vegetables sprayed with pesticides at over 20 times the safety level when soaked in Diamond Health Water. This is 40 times more effective than ordinary tap water.

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